Water Policy Institute

About the Institute

What is the Water Policy Institute?
The Water Policy Institute is a nonpartisan consortium bringing together industry leaders, including water suppliers, water users and nongovernmental organizations, to develop initiatives to address water supply, quality and use issues. It provides a one-of-a-kind forum for water industry leaders to consider the problems and develop new ideas and potential solutions.

What are the Institute's objectives?
Its purpose is to collaboratively develop innovative, sustainable solutions for water supply and quality issues, and to provide leadership on legal, regulatory and policy issues involving water locally, nationally and internationally. Among the issues of greatest concern: water use; the intersection of water quality and water quantity; litigation between states and disputes between countries regarding water allocation; regulation, including permit requirements, of water transfers; questions of water allocation between water users and species protected under the Endangered Species Act; and decisions about whether and how a water market should be established.

Who should join?
The members of the Institute are water leaders representing water districts, multinational companies and energy companies who will discuss and review current challenges affecting both global and local water issues, including supply, quality, use, wildlife and agricultural concerns, and climate change.   

How do I join the WPI?
Membership in the Institute is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Kathy Robb, director of the Water Policy Institute at Hunton & Williams LLP.

Water Policy Institute