Water Policy Institute

Water Policy Institute

About the Institute
The Water Policy Institute at Hunton & Williams LLP provides a forum for water leaders to discuss policy, regulatory and legal issues related to a sustainable water supply.

A Note from Chair Christine Todd Whitman

Water issues have escalated in our country and worldwide, with record droughts, threats to water quality and cross-border disputes over water resources. I am pleased to introduce the Water Policy Institute, a one-of-a-kind forum for water leaders to consider the problems and develop new ideas and potential solutions.

Water issues impact all of us, from companies that deliver and manage water and industries that require a reliable supply of quality water to operate, to individual consumers and those who work to protect our environment. Environmental protection and water quality are of great importance to me, and while there are no easy answers or magic bullets to solve such complicated issues, progress is always possible. The Water Policy Institute brings together various viewpoints in a quest for sustainable, workable solutions. As chair, I welcome you to explore the benefits of membership and join us in an ongoing dialogue of issues critical to our future.

A Note from Director Kathy Robb

Significant developments in legislation and consumption, as well as the rapidly changing climate, are already impacting, and will increasingly affect, the world's water supply. Companies deliver and manage water, and industries require a reliable supply of quality water to operate, but most individuals do not feel it is their responsibility to address these issues. The Institute provides a forum for exploring these issues across industry and geographic boundaries.


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